Out of the

World suicide
prevention day


Bringing suicide stigma out
of the shadows and into the light.

View Ian & Emily's story

Emily and Ian come from two very different worlds, but they have something in common. No matter the life you lead, anyone can be affected by suicide.

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View Danny & Imbi's story

Lifeline has brought together two people from very different worlds to share their stories. Because no matter who you are, suicide doesn’t discriminate.

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If you feel you might need help, it's here.

I’ll call if my thoughts get dangerous

It’s never too early to seek support

Things you can do by yourself right now

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Some thoughts are too bad to be shared

You can talk and you will be heard

What happens when you reach out to Lifeline

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If someone you know needs help, you can help.

There is so much pain I don’t know what to do with it all

Growth can come through tough times

Simple ways to have the conversation

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I can’t make a difference so what’s the point of trying to help

Everyone can help

Other ways to help someone

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Help those in crisis be heard

We’re proud to announce a world first initiative in partnership with the amazing Australian talent, Ruel. In celebration of our 60th. Ruel’s dropping a never-before-heard song, The Weight, on a call line named the release line.